Your Honeymoon

Posted on March 9th, 2010 by Katrina. Filed under Wedding ideas.

Many newlyweds choose to go away on honeymoon after they get married.

Things to consider when choosing a honeymoon destination:

Do you want to simply relax and do nothing while you’re away to recover from all the planning and rushing around, or would you like to go exploring?

What day do you want to go – some people go the evening of their wedding day, some within a couple of days, whilst some people wait until a different time of year to go on honeymoon?

What is the weather going to be like at the time of year you are getting married in different parts of the world? You can either choose a suitable destination for the climates around the world, or postpone your honeymoon to the right time for the destination, although this all may have been a consideration when you set your wedding date in the first place.

What can you afford may have a big influence over where you go on your honeymoon. A good bit of advice is not just to go somewhere exotic because you think you should for your honeymoon, there are some lovely places in the UK and Europe that don’t cost the earth and can end up being just as special.


If you’ve got time between your wedding and honeymoon, one good tip is to take a couple of wedding photos with you on honeymoon. You may find it a bit weird that one day you are surrounded with family and friends being centre of attention and the next you are suddenly married, just the two of you, on honeymoon. Your wedding day may also have gone really quickly so you may be bursting to see photos and talk to all your friends and family so photos are a good way to take a part of the day with you until you get home and can see all the photos and get on the phone to everyone again!

Of course you’ll be able to see the photos your guests have uploaded to your online wedding album straightaway if you’ve got access to the Internet on honeymoon.

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