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Fun card holders for your personalised cards

Posted on March 6th, 2009 by Katrina. Filed under WOTY news, Wedding ideas.

To maximise the number of photos you collect in your online wedding album, we always suggest sending out your personalised cards with your invites and thank you cards.  We also recommend giving out cards to your guests on your wedding day.

You could put a personalised card on each table setting so everyone gets one or lay a few out in the middle of each table.

There are also many placecard holders to choose from and you could use these to hold your personalised cards.  One website that sells holders we like is Pure Invitation.

Another fun idea is using a card holder.  We’ve been contacted about this one from Chica and Jo.  They send you 10 card holder templates so you can make up the fun camera-shaped holder.  You could use them on your wedding tables or put them out next to your wedding cake or guest book.

Whatever you choose to do, the more cards you give out, the more photos you are likely to collect from your special day.